In 1992 three naive, innocent, young lads joined together to form the greatest
snow sculpting team ever.  They're names were Randy Tackett,  Bill Brown, and Mike Schubert.  They called themselves the "SNOW WEASELS". 
     The first year together everything went great!  The second year, however, they could sense trouble ahead.  Then one day something went wrong.  Terribly wrong!  Mike was horribly disfigured in a freak snow sculpting accident.  After months of seclusion and depression, Mike vanished.  He was never seen or  heard from again. 
     The following year George Harnish joined the "Weasels".  We sensed and achieved success right away.  Each year since we've gotten a little better.  As sculptors, as a team, and as people.
     January 22, 2000 tragedy struck the Weasels. On his way home from dropping off Bill at his parents, after a night of food and fun with fellow snow sculptors, Randy was hit head on by a drunk driver. His injuries were very severe...a broken jaw, several broken teeth, a partially paralyzed left arm, a shattered left ankle, a compound fracture of both bones in his lower right leg, several broken toes, and a torn aorta.
     It was a difficult time for the Weasels. With Randy in serious condition and unable to sculpt, the team faced a tough decision... to sculpt without the team elder or drop out of the competition. Finally, with a nod from Randy, the decision was made...WE'RE WEASELS, DAMN IT! WE SCULPT! But they needed a third sculptor... that's where Thom Davis comes in.
     Thom, a close friend of George, dropped everything in his life and stepped in for Randy at both the state and national competition.
     After months of recovery and support of friends and family, Randy is back and ready to sculpt! That's officially...THE YEAR OF THE WEASEL!
     The Weasels did place in 2001, but didn't win another state title until 2002. They also continued to compete several more times at the national competition in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Finally in 2004, after several years of futility, they acheived a long time goal. The Weasels were awarded the coveted Klaus Ebeling "OMM Award". This award is given to the team that "best represents the spirit of snow sculpting".
     In 2007, something just didn't seem right. The Weasels had a feeling that they hadn't had since the days of Mike. Then Randy made the announcement. He was done. This would be his last year. He would scuplt at state and nationals and that would be the end. The Weasels placed again in Illinois and had a blast in Lake Geneva. They even were the subject of an awesome documentary shot for the Smithsonian Channel. Then Randy rode off into the sunset...that's where Brock McWilliams comes in.
     Brock, an art teacher and sculptor, worked with George and seemed to be a natural fit. Unfortunately, his first state competition in 2008 was canncelled for lack of snow. Brock did scuplt with the Weasels in Lake Geneva that same year. That's the good news. The bad news...two months later, Brock was savagely attacked and eaten by a grizzly bear while on a nature walk in the backwoods of Minnesota. RIP will be missed.
That brings us to 2009. The Weasels have added another member. Bill's wife Michele has decided to pick up the ice chopper and carry on in Brock's stead. And after much contemplation...Randy is BACK AGAIN (we knew he couldn't handle retirement) and ready to sculpt! That's why this TRULY...THE YEAR OF THE WEASEL!

In 2012, Bill aka Fergus McWeasel came down with a terrible case of "SNOW MADNESS" and was "briefly" institutionalized. Michele was unavailable due to Bill's absence. The Weasels, once again, found themselves shorthanded. As luck would have it, a MUCH younger sculptor named Grant Rundblade had recently found himself without a team. There were many unsubstantiated rumors as to where Grant's team members had gone. Nevertheless, he was without a team and the Weasels needed fresh meat. And, since Grant had always dreamed of being a Weasel, it was a perfect match. 2012, 2013, were great years! In 2014, Bill (now fully recovered) returned and the Weasels now had an ARMY! They could not be stopped. They were able to sculpt in more events than ever! In 2015, the Weasels once again tasted victory. Grant aka Grunt McWeasel finally had won the one title that had eluded him oh these many years, State Champion!

2016 was a banner year! The Weasels were able to display their skills and spread their musk internationally! Grunt, Angus, Fergus, and Shamus competed for the first time in Canada. It was an awesome experience that, without warning, went terribly wrong! While exploring the beautiful Canadian wilderness, George aka Shamus was attacked by an enormous and vicious Canadian moose! It's antlers gored him beyond recognition and became hooked on Shamus' oxygen hose. Ironically, the very thing keeping Shamus alive...became his undoing. He was dragged, kicking and screaming for his life, off into the Tundra and never seen again.

The Weasels also lost Michele aka Bodicea that same year. Her departure, however, was much less gruesome. She retired from snow sculpting to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a competitive clogger. Rumor has it that she is currently touring the Appalachian Mountain Circuit and is doing quite well. Clog on Bodicea...Clog on.

The Kilted Snow Weasels have faced difficult times, but have regrouped!

Angus, Fergus, and Grunt shall carry the mantle and will continue the work that needs to be done! The Kilted Snow Weasels have been forged by the fires of truculence, but are now stronger than ever!


     To George, Michele, Mike, Thom, and Brock...wherever you are, you are our brothers & sister and  still WEASELS! 

      Once a "SNOW WEASEL", always a "SNOW WEASEL"